Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis will be exhibiting a major solo exhibition entitled Qin Feng: Desire. The exhibition will be held both at Masterpiece and at Michael Goedhuis' Cadogan Square gallery.

Qin Feng is a tough, rebellious, iconoclastic ink artist who has established an international reputation as one of the art-stars of the New Wave of modernist Chinese ink painting. His work has long been recognised and collected by numerous museums both in the West and in Asia and his work has been represented in many of the major international exhibitions throughout the world in the past twenty years.

In the current Chinese cultural environment, where there is a unique concentration of creative effort across all categories- film, music, theatre, philosophy, architecture and design, dance and art itself- Qin Feng stands with the small group of his gifted peers as an artist who is grappling with the challenge of creating a new pictorial language to express the transformation of Chinese society. But in his case, his ambition sweeps beyond China to encompass global aesthetic imperatives and aims to eschew much of the fashionable international mantras of recent years, focusing on making works that do not recoil from taking account of the past in order make sense of the present.


DIRECTORS: Michael Goedhuis
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