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Moussaieff Jewellers is synonymous with the finest and rarest gems which adorn the heads of international royalty and heads of states, as well as discerning collectors. The family has a long history in the high-end gems trade, dating back 800 years and originating in Bukhara, the main port of call on the famous silk route.

Moussaieff Jewellers was started in the 1850’s by Shlomo Moussaieff's great grandfather, a pearl merchant, with a fearless passion for gems. He would search for the most ravishing pearls from the Persian Gulf. His son Remo established himself as a stone dealer in Paris during the Belle Époque in the 1920’s where he dealt with all the fine jewellery houses, selling not only oriental pearls which he sourced in the Gulf countries, but also rare gems.

In 1963, Moussaieff Jewellers opened its Park Lane showrooms where they have discreetly built a prestigious international clientele and acquired a worldwide reputation for magnificent gems. This was followed in 2006 with the opening of a magnificent flagship store at 172 New Bond Street.

In addition to the two London stores, there are boutiques in Geneva and Hong Kong and seasonally in Courchevel. The Moussaieff collection includes the unique ‘Moussaieff Red’ diamond, which is one of the largest Natural Fancy Red certified by the GIA at 5.11cts. Also, a collection of rare fancy coloured diamonds. In terms of magnificent white diamonds, the House showcases diamonds up to 100 carats of the highest quality and cut.

The Moussaieff collections also exhibit some of the most unique, exceptional coloured gemstones; from a lustrous, limpid blue 168ct star sapphire to a necklace containing a multitude of 20ct and 30ct perfectly matched finest natural Colombian emeralds. Moussaieff’s sumptuous pieces include many other gemstones such as ‘vibrant neon colour’ Paraiba tourmalines, natural pearls, natural sapphires and rubies.


DIRECTORS: Alisa Moussaieff
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A 5.05ct Natural Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless Gentleman s Diamond Ring
A 5.70ct Natural Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring
High Jewellery Bangle with 62.74cts of Natural Colombian Emeralds and 42.61cts of Diamonds
High Jewellery Necklace and Earrings with Natural Colombian Emeralds and Diamonds set in Rock Crystal.


172 New Bond Street



United Kingdom

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